No more Big Fat Wedding: Turks struggle to be wed in times of the coronavirus

From bejeweled masks to dummy brides, Turks struggle to combine tradition with new social distancing rules.

Nazlan Ertan | Coronavirus | Jul 10, 2020
al-monitor Groom Okan Barut and bride Oya Kulaksiz wear face masks as they take part in their wedding ceremony at the Kadikoy Municipality marriage office on July 1, 2020, in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images.

Lebanon's Baalbeck Festival moves world audience with dramatic online performance

Lebanon's beloved Baalbeck Festival has survived various challenging times, and this year was no exception.

Marita Kassis | Music | Jul 8, 2020

Amazigh languish in underserved pockets of southeast Tunisia

Post-revolutionary Tunisia has been friendlier to its indigenous Amazigh, but the concentration of wealth and power in the north continues to marginalize the remote communities.

Sam Kimball | Ethnic/Religious Minorities | Jul 8, 2020

Individual initiatives breathe life back into Gaza’s old houses

Some businessmen and heritage institutions have taken it upon themselves to restore the ancient homes of the Gaza Strip, some dating back hundreds of years, amid limited government funding and external support to preserve Gaza’s heritage.

Ahmad Abu Amer | Archaeology | Jul 2, 2020

Lost treasures brewed fresh at Turkey's first coffee museum

An enchanting array of the classic Turkish and regional beverage is there for the tasting in a unique coffee museum that features antique implements and forgotten recipes of Anatolia.

Pinar Tremblay | | Jul 1, 2020