800-year-old school in Gaza gets face-lift

The Gaza Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Gaza municipality and the Iwan Center for Cultural Heritage in Gaza launched an initiative with activists to restore an old school in the old city of Gaza City, with the aim to preserve the enclave’s heritage and raise awareness about the importance of culture among Palestinians.

Entsar Abu Jahal | | Jan 18, 2021
al-monitor Palestinians work to rehabilitate Kamalaia School in the old part of Gaza City. Photo by FACEBOOK/Rawasi Foundation.

Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem reminds world of European presence in Holy City

The Jerusalem branche of the Rome-based Pontifical Biblical Institute has a museum that displays a Pharaonic mummy and baby’s bones in a jar, among other archaeological finds.

Taghreed Ali | Jerusalem | Jan 11, 2021

Egypt’s first female MMA fighter blazes trail for more women

Aya Saeid has become Egypt’s first MMA fighter by breaking stereotypes in the patriarchal society.

Menna A. Farouk | Women’s rights | Jan 10, 2021

Despite COVID-19 crisis, Egypt’s prestigious Opera House holds Christmas events

The Egyptian Opera House organized Christmas celebrations with the participation of many musical groups, while taking into account precautionary measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Baher al-Kady | Coronavirus | Jan 5, 2021

Roman baths discovered during city works in Jordanian capital

The haphazard discovery of Roman ruins in Amman sparked questions about the fate of antiquities in the city’s downtown area amid calls for expanding the excavations.

Mohammad Ersan | Archaeology | Dec 27, 2020