Al-Monitor Mission Statement

Al-Monitor’s mission is to foster a deeper understanding between the Middle East and the international community by diving deep with analytical pieces from some of the most trusted, independent authors from across the globe.

Our team represents a diverse set of perspectives and Al-Monitor provides a unique, multilingual platform that amplifies their insights to allow us to uncover the trends that are shaping the future of the Middle East.

Al-Monitor’s authors write for those who want to go beyond the headlines — readers who want to explore into the nuances of regional politics, but also those who want to better understand the social and culture context of the Middle East as seen, experienced and understood by those who live there.

Al-Monitor seeks to monitor the Pulse of the Middle East via its award-winning, multilingual platform that publishes a diverse set of perspectives on the Middle East, thus bridging the gap of information available to those both in the Middle East as well as those with a desire to better understand a region that is so rapidly changing.

Our readers trust us. We provide honest, independent perspectives on the most critical issues of the day. As such, it is vital that we continue to provide our writers with the freedom they need to express their opinions however they choose. 

We engage with our readers. We are always fostering dialogue on the events shaping the Middle East via social media and traditional media such as print, television and radio, as well as other audience engagement tools. 

We go behind the headlines. Rather than rushing to publish, we always encourage our writers to take their time, dig deeper into a topic. Drawing on inside insights allows our authors to carefully explain and clearly articulate the significance of important events and issues. 

We are uncovering the trends. Our writers have deep relationships in the Middle East and it is through their experiences that Al-Monitor is often first to uncover the larger trends of where the region is heading. We must continue to cultivate these discoveries but also remember to demand credit for the work we’ve done.  

We believe in covering the Middle East holistically. There is more to the region than politics and conflict. The Middle East has a rich history of culture and it is our responsibility to ensure that each day we remind our readers of the vibrant tapestry of art, culture, music, food and history that crosses borders, unites people, permeates society and fosters a sense of regional shared identities.  

It’s about more than the news to us. It’s our goal that Al-Monitor will be innovative across multimedia platforms in order to provide not just an important bridge of information between the Middle East and a global audience, but also within the region.