Submission Guidelines

Al-Monitor, the trusted and award-winning independent source of Middle East news, is open for pitches and submissions from journalists across the Middle East and North Africa. 

This includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Sudan. 

Topics can range from politics to business to society and culture.

Pitch Guidelines:

Before submitting an article, please send a pitch for your story.

Be specific and pitch the story, not the topic.  Your pitch should reference primary sources and analysis.  Primary sources consist of original documents such as official records, interviews and speeches.  Always provide links to those sources when possible.

It should not be based on secondary sources or what is already in the news, absent an original source or angle. 

If your pitch is accepted, your article will be exclusive to Al-Monitor, meaning it cannot be published in full elsewhere.  Please read our submission guidelines below for more information on what should be in your article.

Pitches can submitted here: 

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Submission Guidelines

To improve your article’s chances of being published, follow these submission rules.

  1. Newsworthy: There must be a news hook to your article, and a clearly stated reason that your topic is likely to attract readers by an informed audience that follows the region.

  2. Original work: The article must be original work and exclusive to Al-Monitor, and cannot be derived from previous articles or secondary news sources. Exclusive to Al-Monitor means your piece cannot be published on any other website, including personal blogs.

  3. Length: Your article should be no more than 1,200 words and no less than 600 words.

  4. Local context: Seek out local perspectives and sources not well represented in the media. However, your story must not be simply a collection of quotes; it must include your own contextualization and analysis.

  5. Sources and facts: Analyses and reports must be based on facts and quotes from sources, and all referenced information must be cited and linked. Even analytical or opinion pieces should be fact-driven. Every quote or fact should be attributed to the original, primary source.

  6. Self-edit: Thoroughly proof your work before submitting, removing grammatical errors and typos, and checking facts. Unedited submissions will not be considered.

  7. Appropriate language: Submissions to Al-Monitor must use appropriate language and cannot include name-calling, ad hominem attacks, or unsubstantiated allegations or rumors.

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