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This week Ben speaks with retired Israeli Major General Noam Tibon, who is specialized in counter-terrorism and homeland security. The former Commander of the Northern Formation commented on statements made last week by outgoing IDF Deputy Chief Yoav Zamir about the IDF becoming too small. Tibon says that, globally, the Israeli army is strong enough to confront simultaneously Iran-backed Hezbollah both in Lebanon and Syria and Hamas in Gaza. Still, he estimates the army is not doing enough on the issue of ground forces. "For the last 20 years, the IDF has been investing mainly in its air force, intelligence and special forces. The IDF is using these three strategic tools in what we call ‘the war between the wars,’ which is mainly operating behind the scenes, in Syria, Lebanon and all over the region. But this is not real war, which is fought by ground forces," he argues. 


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