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Al-Monitor features unmatched reporting and analysis by prominent journalists and experts from the Middle East and North Africa, through our Egypt, Gulf, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, North Africa, Palestine, Syria and Turkey Pulses. Our Washington and Russia Pulses look at how policies from Washington and Russia impact the MENA region.

Founded by Jamal Daniel in 2012, Al-Monitor’s mission is to foster a deeper understanding between the Middle East and the international community by diving deep with analytical pieces from some of the most trusted, independent authors from across the globe.

Our team represents a diverse set of perspectives and Al-Monitor provides a unique, multilingual platform that amplifies their insights to allow us to uncover the trends that are shaping the future of the Middle East.

Al-Monitor’s authors write for those who want to go beyond the headlines — readers who want to explore into the nuances of regional politics, but also those who want to better understand the social and cultural context of the Middle East as seen, experienced and understood by those who live there.

Increasingly a daily must-read for insightful commentary on the Middle East.

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“I believe Al-Monitor is unrivalled when it comes to providing a broad window on developments in the Middle East,” retired Turkish Ambassador Ali Tuygan

“Al-Monitor is essential for anyone who follows what is happening in the Middle East region. The range of authors and the depth and variety of the issues that Al-Monitor covers make it THE must-read for anyone that needs the truth about what is happening in this vital, rapidly changing part of the world,” Washington political consultant and lobbyist

Al-Monitor’s content is regularly referenced in The Wall Street JournalTimeReutersLe MondeThe New York TimesThe Economist and many other publications.

The Washington Post has called the site “invaluable,” The Huffington Post referred to it as "increasingly a daily must-read for insightful commentary on the Middle East,” while The Economist recommended Al-Monitor’s Egypt and Iran coverage in its What To Read section.









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This is an exciting time to join Al-Monitor as we grow our global business, creative and technical teams that complement our award-winning coverage of the politics, people and the culture across the Middle East and North Africa.





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