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Ben Caspit speaks this week with former Blue and White Knesset member Ruth Wasserman Lande. Wasserman, a strategic expert, public speaker and Middle East affairs’ commentator, talks about recent clashes in Jewish-Arab mixed cities, arguing there was no symmetry between attacks on Jews and attacks on Arabs. She claims the number of attacks against Arab Israelis was significantly lower than those against Israeli Jews. Still, she called for considering putting in jail the heads of what she qualifies as small and marginal Jewish extreme groups, such as La Familia. "Their acts were definitively not the Jewish way and completely against the law," she notes.  


-In Israel, Jewish-Arab tensions remain high (al-monitor.com)

-Israel police brace for more violence from far-right groups (al-monitor.com)

-Despite Gaza rockets, Israelis most concerned over internal Jewish-Arab rift (al-monitor.com)

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