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Another train crash leaves two dead in Egypt

Two more passengers are dead as more trains collide in Egypt.

Two train crashes in two days have left two people dead and dozens injured in Egypt, as the country’s deadly transportation woes continue.

A train crashed into the back of another train at Misr Station in the coastal city of Alexandria on Tuesday. A total of 40 people were injured, according to the state-owned Al-Ahram news outlet.

On Monday, a train collided with two buses carrying workers in Cairo. Two people died and six were injured, Al-Ahram reported.

Egypt has had transportation safety issues for several years, including with its train system. In April, 11 people died when four train carriages derailed north of Cairo. In March, at least 32 people died when two trains crashed into one another in southern Egypt. Prosecutors alleged that some railway workers were on drugs at the time of the March crash and that automatic train control systems had been deactivated. There have been other less serious crashes this year as well.

There are several reasons trains can be dangerous in Egypt. The country has the oldest railway network in Africa in the Middle East and the system suffers from neglect. Trains are a popular means of transportation in Egypt, and around one million people use them daily.

The government is currently working to improve the country’s rail system. In May, Egypt signed a $177 million deal with the African Development Bank to develop the train network. The reforms will include adding control sensors to trains and tracks.

There are also recurrent safety issues on Egypt’s roads and with boats.

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