‘An insult to women’ everywhere: Afrin kidnappings prompt calls for investigation of Turkey-backed rebels

A video reportedly showing detained women inside a secret prison in Afrin has prompted further criticism of Turkey's proxy forces operating in Syria.

Elizabeth Hagedorn | Women’s rights | Jun 2, 2020
al-monitor Women hold food aid distributed by humanitarian institutions in Afrin, Syria, March 20, 2018. Photo by REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi.

Turkey issues warrants for over 100 accused of Gulen ties

The Turkish prosecutor's office ordered the arrest of 118 people suspected of ties to the outlawed Gulen movement.

Al-Monitor Staff | Human rights | Jun 2, 2020

Turkey ignores its own record, denouncing press clampdown in US protests

Turkish officials have denounced the crackdown on journalists in the United States, drawing criticism given Ankara's own record on press freedom.

Amberin Zaman | Press freedom | Jun 2, 2020

Minorities in Turkey on edge amid threats, attacks

Vulnerable groups have faced intimidation or worse in recent weeks in what both the government and the opposition warn are efforts to stoke conflict, though they disagree on who’s to blame.

Ayla Jean Yackley | Ethnic/Religious Minorities | Jun 2, 2020

Turkey looks to link Syrian Kurdish militia to ANTIFA following Trump tweet

Some foreign veterans of the People's Protection Units (YPG) disagree with the Turkish assertion that ANTIFA and the Kurdish group are connected.

Adam Lucente | | Jun 1, 2020