Is Russia exploiting Iranian weakness in east Syria?

Iranian forces are concerned about losing their influence and their members in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province in favor of the formations supported by Russia.

Khaled al-Khateb | Russia in Syria | Jan 27, 2021
al-monitor A picture taken during a press tour provided by the Russian armed forces shows Russian soldiers standing guard in a central street in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, as local children pose nearby, Syria, Sept. 15, 2017. Photo by Dominique Derda/AFP via Getty Images.

Meet the Syrian who saved cats from regime shelling

A group of volunteers is providing shelter for animals that were wounded due to the shelling or those abandoned by their owners and putting them in a sanctuary that was built in Idlib in northern Syria.

Mohammed Hardan | Animals and animal rights | Jan 27, 2021

Turkey enraged by Clintons' TV show exalting Syrian Kurdish women fighters

Turkey’s state-run press agency is churning out angry coverage of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea producing a TV series about the Syrian Kurdish women fighters who were key in defeating the Islamic State.

Amberin Zaman | | Jan 26, 2021

UN-led Syria Constitution talks resume in Geneva

Representatives from the Syrian government, opposition and civil society are meeting this week to discuss the “basic principles” of a future Syrian charter.

Al-Monitor Staff | Syria Conflict | Jan 25, 2021

Turkey faces mysterious jihadi enemies in Idlib

Turkish forces continue to expand their presence around the key M4 highway in Idlib as attacks by new groups fuel uncertainties in the rebel-held region.

Fehim Tastekin | | Jan 25, 2021