US deploys Bradley armored vehicles to Syria after dustups with Russia’s troops

Four US service members were injured last month when a Russian troop carrier rammed a US military vehicle.

Jared Szuba | Russia in Syria | Sep 19, 2020
al-monitor A US Bradley armored personnel carrier drives near the town of Tal Tamr in northeastern Syria's Hasakah province on the border with Turkey, on Nov. 10, 2019. Photo by DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP via Getty Images.

The Netherlands takes first step in holding Syria’s torturers to account

The Dutch Foreign Ministry says it will hold Syria responsible for "gross human rights violations" in a process that could make its way to the UN's International Court of Justice.

Elizabeth Hagedorn | Courts and the law | Sep 18, 2020

Trump now admits he wanted to kill Syria's Assad but Mattis stopped him

"I would've rather taken him out. I had him all set," President Donald Trump said of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Elizabeth Hagedorn | | Sep 15, 2020

How the Islamic State found a haven in Syrian desert

The Syrian regime and Russian forces are facing a growing threat of the Islamic State, which continues to hold pockets across the desert in central Syria.

Sultan al-Kanj | Islamic State | Sep 15, 2020

Who is benefiting from Russian-Turkish patrols in northwest Syria?

Many in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib see no benefits to the joint Russian-Turkish patrols conducted under a demilitarization deal, as the Syrian regime sporadically attacks the area and managed to take several areas since the deal was reached in September 2018.

Hasan Arfeh | Syria Conflict | Sep 12, 2020