Honor killings against women increase in southeast Syrian city

Civil activists protested the lack of judiciary against domestic violence and honor killings, launching the hashtag “Our blood is on your hands” and calling on the government to consider honor killings as a crime to prevent the death of more women.

Akhin Ahmed | Women’s rights | Dec 3, 2020
al-monitor An aerial view of Suwayda is seen in October 2011. Photo by Shadi Alashka/Wikipedia.

Iranian commander killed in airstrike on Iraq-Syria border

No one has yet taken responsibility for the bombing that killed the IRGC commander.

Al-Monitor Staff | | Nov 30, 2020

Humanitarian disaster looms over Syria’s Idlib amid COVID-19 surge

The coronavirus continues to spread in the opposition-controlled areas of Syria, with daily counts ranging between 300 and 500, and health workers say a health catastrophe is imminent.

Sultan al-Kanj | | Nov 26, 2020

Is Turkey gearing up for military move against Syrian Kurds?

A marked increase in Turkish military activity in the area between Ain Issa and Tall Tamer in northern Syria has raised the specter of a fresh Turkish military move to curb the Kurds before Trump leaves the White House.

Fehim Tastekin | Turkish-Kurdish conflict | Nov 25, 2020

Israel again strikes targets in southern Syria

Syria's state news media reported material damage from an Israeli strike on Syrian air defenses and Iranian militias in the country yesterday.

Al-Monitor Staff | | Nov 25, 2020