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On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti

Andrew Parasiliti interviews newsmakers each week from the US and Middle East about the latest news and trends in the region, with additional commentary from Al-Monitor’s ‘on-the-ground’ correspondents.

Most Recent: Episode #22

US democracy promotion in the Middle East ‘largely discredited,’ says Steven Cook of Council on Foreign Relations

Steven Cook, the Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses why the US needs to stay in the Middle East, but with a bit more realism; how to contain Iran; his personal observations and assessment of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan; and why the US needs a new embassy in Iraq.  

On Israel with Ben Caspit

Ben Caspit, an Israel correspondent for Al-Monitor, brings you weekly interviews with newsmakers and officials to discuss the latest news in Israel.

Most Recent: Episode #21

Israel leading in cyber technology, but also more vulnerable to attacks

On the backdrop of Israel’s tenth annual cyber-week conference, Ben Caspit speaks with Professor General (ret.) Itzhak Ben-Israel. Ben-Israel – a pioneer figure in the cyber technology sphere – tells how the country took it first steps in transforming technological know-how into civil and security uses. Still, Ben Israel warns, ‘’Unlike most of our enemies in the Middle East, we are very much controlled by computers. Power production, water supply, transportation. You name it. Almost every system in Israel is controlled by computers.’’ For him, highly-developed countries are also more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Off the Hookah with Phil and Cooper

We get it: the Middle East can be a complicated place, and sometimes it’s difficult to wrap your head around all the regional conflicts and political drama - that’s where we come in. We’re here to break down the major headlines, talk with experts and journalists, and give you a clearer picture of what’s happening in the region so you can impress your friends and promote our podcast. Sorry, that’s the shameless plug we were supposed to delete. Oh well. Off the Hookah with Phil and Cooper is a production of Al-Monitor.

| Apr. 1, 2020

Episode #130: The Price is Wrong

As the coronavirus crisis continues to grip the world, the markets have been on the shakiest ground yet since the 2008 economic recession - especially with regards to the price of oil. In the last few years, Saudi Arabia and Russia have developed a special relationship to stabilize oil prices in the face of growing competition from the Americans, who for the first time has begun to outpace both countries in terms of production. But when demand for oil began to fall precipitously in the face of COVID-19, the relationship ended in a messy way. Phil and Cooper break down the bad breakup and how it’s affected economies worldwide.