Can Jerusalem mayor improve situation of Arab residents?

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon advances two development projects in East Jerusalem — in Issawiya and in Wadi Joz.

Danny Zaken | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Aug 3, 2020
al-monitor Israeli security forces stand guard in one of the alleys of Jerusalem's Old City following a knife attack early on May 31, 2019. Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images.

Palestinian hands tied as crime rises in East Jerusalem

Palestinians living in East Jerusalem are concerned by rising crime among the Arab population and complain that Israeli security forces are turning a blind eye while blocking Palestinian security forces from establishing control.

Daoud Kuttab | | Jul 30, 2020

Settlement sprawl forces Hebron's Palestinian families to live in caves

Dozens of Palestinians are living in caves in Hebron as the Israeli authorities repeatedly demolish their homes built without impossible-to-obtain permits.

Taghreed Ali | | Jul 29, 2020

Egypt heads to Amman, Ramallah to revive peace efforts

The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Jordan and the Palestinian city of Ramallah to declare Egypt’s rejection of the Israeli intentions to annex parts of the Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

Mohamed Saied | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Jul 26, 2020

Baptismal relic latest focus of opposing narratives

The Israeli authorities have stolen an archaeological stone relic from the home of a Palestinian official in the West Bank, claiming it was Israel’s in the first place.

Daoud Kuttab | Archaeology | Jul 24, 2020