North Africa

Amazigh languish in underserved pockets of southeast Tunisia

Post-revolutionary Tunisia has been friendlier to its indigenous Amazigh, but the concentration of wealth and power in the north continues to marginalize the remote communities.

Sam Kimball | Ethnic/Religious Minorities | Jul 8, 2020
al-monitor An abandoned Berber village sits in dunes in the vicinity of Zaafarane, near the southern Tunisian town of Douz, Dec. 24, 2006. Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP via Getty Images.

Intel: Russian mercenaries enter key oil field, Libya oil company says

A convoy of Russian mercenaries entered Libya’s Sharara oil field and met with the facility’s security forces yesterday, the country’s National Oil Corporation said.

Jared Szuba | Libya conflict | Jun 26, 2020

Young Libyan atheists seeking refuge online

Since the 2011 revolution and the expansion of the Islamic State, more Libyan young people have reneged on their Muslim beliefs and are now part of a secret community on Facebook with fellow atheists.

Jack Jeffery | | Jun 26, 2020

Italian foreign minister says Libya a 'priority' in Tripoli visit

Libya's Government of National Accord hosted an Italian delegation in the capital today.

Al-Monitor Staff | Libya conflict | Jun 24, 2020

UN report on Libya mercenaries 'unfounded,' says Russia

A Foreign Ministry official dismissed the findings of the report on Wagner Group's operations in Libya and called for an investigation into why it was leaked.

Al-Monitor Staff | United Nations | Jun 23, 2020