Palestinian Authority to pay civil servants half their monthly wages amid cash crunch

Faced with a worsening financial crisis, the Palestinian Authority has slashed the salaries of its public sector employees.

Al-Monitor Staff | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Jul 2, 2020
al-monitor A Palestinian woman walks past shops in Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, July 2, 2020, the day the Palestinian Authority said it would be halving May salary payments for public sector workers. Photo by REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman.

Vatican summons Israel, US ambassadors over West Bank annexation

The Vatican's secretary of state met with US Ambassador Callista Gingrich and Israeli Ambassador Oren David on Tuesday.

Al-Monitor Staff | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Jul 2, 2020

Palestinian journalists hamstrung by Israel, PA law, internet giants

Palestinian journalists face pressure from multiple directions, even in the relative freedom of the internet.

Daoud Kuttab | | Jul 2, 2020

Crickets as Netanyahu's annexation date comes and goes

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to admit his annexation plan did not move forward July 1 amid tepid US support and a populace distracted by more pressing issues.

Mazal Mualem | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Jul 2, 2020

Israel goes after Turkish projects in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Municipality destroyed a plaque marking Turkey’s contribution to the restoration of a cemetery in the city as Israeli concerns over the Turkish activities in East Jerusalem persist.

Ahmad Melhem | | Jul 2, 2020