Israel, UAE test potential for cooperation on COVID-19

The agreement signed between the United Arab Emirates' Group 42 and Israel’s IAI and Rafael companies offers a glimpse of the potential for cooperation -- if not deterred by annexation.

Danny Zaken | Coronavirus | Jul 9, 2020
al-monitor The Rafael company logo is pictured during the Defense Systems and Equipment International at the Excel Center, London, United Kingdom, Sept. 11, 2007. Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images.

Israel’s middle class sags as aid package delayed

Young Israelis and the country's middle class are facing the biggest economic crisis Israel has ever experienced as the pandemic's second wave crashes.

Mazal Mualem | | Jul 9, 2020

Israeli army hit hard by coronavirus

The second wave of the novel coronavirus is affecting the IDF, which has ordered 10,000 soldiers into quarantine.

Rina Bassist | | Jul 9, 2020

Palestinian workers stay in Israel for three weeks in a row

Some 46,000 Palestinians are now lodged on construction sites in Israel; they must stay where they work for three weeks before going back home.

Rina Bassist | Coronavirus | Jul 9, 2020

Turkish diplomat criticizes West Bank annexation in Jordan

Turkey's ambassador to Jordan is the latest Middle Eastern and international politician to criticize Israel's plans to annex parts of the Palestinian territory.

Al-Monitor Staff | Israeli-Palestinian conflict | Jul 8, 2020