Intel: US returns acquitted Iranian scientist, no apparent prisoner swap

The United States has returned an acquitted Iranian scientist to his home country after holding him for months in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran-US tensions | Jun 2, 2020
al-monitor Sirous Asgari, undated photo Photo by TWITTER/Sahagunfelipe.

Pro-Iran militias in Iraq wage 'fake news' campaign against US

Several pro-Iran militias have lately claimed responsibility for attacking US forces in Iraq, but examining their media activities indicates they are probably fake groups created by existing militias to show strength without taking the risk of ramifications.

Hamdi Malik | | Jun 2, 2020

Iran officials weigh in on US protests

In today's Iran media review, Iranian officials have called out the United States over its response to peaceful protests.

Al-Monitor Staff | Trump | Jun 1, 2020

Iran admits at least 200 protesters killed in November crackdown

Iran's interior minister has acknowledged that "sad things happened" during the unrest last year.

Al-Monitor Staff | Iran protests | Jun 1, 2020

Fourth Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela as US ups pressure

A State Department official said it is warning companies about doing oil-related business with Venezuela as the ships continue to arrive.

Adam Lucente | Iran-US tensions | May 29, 2020