UAE’s historic mission to Mars postponed over poor weather

The orbiter is now scheduled to launch from the Japanese island of Tanegashima on Thursday.

Al-Monitor Staff | Technology | Jul 14, 2020
al-monitor United Arab Emirates (UAE) officials, engineers and scientists take part in a ceremony to unveil the UAE's Mars Mission on May 6, 2015, in Dubai. Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images.

New UAE budget airline makes its first flight

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi flew to Alexandria today and is now offering low-cost flights to Egypt as airlines in the Gulf country show signs of recovery.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | Jul 14, 2020

Report: Energy producers in Middle East to earn billions less in oil revenues

The International Monetary Fund's prediction that was reported by The Associated Press is the latest negative outlook for Middle Eastern economies.

Al-Monitor Staff | Sanctions | Jul 13, 2020

Saudi Arabia announces steep fines for hajj trespassers

Fines of 10,000 riyals will be issued to anyone entering the holy sites without a permit.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | Jul 13, 2020

Bahrain upholds death sentences despite torture claims

Pro-democracy activists Mohammed Ramadhan and Husain Moosa face imminent execution.

Al-Monitor Staff | Human rights | Jul 13, 2020