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EU to accept Turkish vaccine proof for travel

Turkey reciprocated by accepting EU vaccination documents in a move that could boost tourism.
Dr. Christoph Borch shows an example of a digital vaccination pass in the Babelsberg vaccination center in the Metropolishalle following the presentation of the digital vaccination pass at a press conference on May 27, 2021, in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany.

Turkey’s COVID-19 vaccination certificates will soon be accepted in the European Union.

The European Commission announced today that Turkey’s certificates will be accepted as a valid form of vaccine proof equal to the EU’s vaccine pass starting Friday. Turkey has also agreed to accept the EU’s digital vaccine certificate program for Europeans entering Turkey, according to a statement from the commission.

Exact entry guidelines vary among EU states, but travel typically requires proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from COVID-19 or a negative PCR test. The European Union has its own digital vaccine passport application for mobile phones for European residents. Some foreign forms of vaccination proof are also accepted by EU member states, such as the Center for Disease Control card from the US government.

People vaccinated in Turkey are given a card after receiving their shots and there is a cell phone application option to show vaccine status.

The decision will make it easier for Turkish citizens and residents to travel in Europe. In addition to tourism, many Turks travel to Europe for business or to visit family. Germany in particular has a large Turkish diaspora community.

Not everyone vaccinated in Turkey will be able to take advantage of the new reciprocity agreement. The European Union only accepts some vaccines as valid. The Chinese Sinovac, which some people in Turkey have gotten, is not accepted in the European Union. Travelers from Turkey who got this vaccine could still enter European countries with a negative test or proof of recovery.

Turkey has made significant progress in its vaccination campaign this summer. More than 53% of the Turkish population has been partially or fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, but the country is still averaging more than 18,000 cases a day among its population of more than 80 million.

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