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At least 9 dead after boat sinks in Egypt

A boating accident in Lake Mariout near Alexandria killed several family members Monday.
Rescue divers conduct search operations for victims of a capsized boat in Lake Mariout, 20 kilometres (12 miles) west of Egypt's second city of Alexandria on February 23, 2021. - Nine people drowned and at least four were missing after the boat chartered for a family fishing trip capsized. State newspaper Al-Ahram said a six-month-old infant was among the family members drowned. Six survivors are receiving treatment in local hospitals while emergency teams have been sent to the lake to search for the missin

Several people are dead after a boat capsized in Egypt late Monday night.

The sinking took place on Lake Mariout, west of the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. In a live video from the lake broadcast by the city of Alexandria on Facebook Monday night, Governor Mohammed el-Sharif said five bodies had been retrieved from the lake, but that the total number of the missing is unknown. The boat was one of many unlicensed entertainment vessels, he said.

At present, nine people have been confirmed dead, including three children, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

An estimated 17 people had been aboard, all from the same family, according to the Egytpian state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram.

Boat tours — including on the famous Nile River — are popular and affordable in Egypt, but the boats are not always safe. Some owners reportedly neglect to acquire licenses to avoid paying fees for violations.

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