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Syrian soldiers killed in second bus attack in less than a week

The deadly ambush in central Syria followed an attack on Syrian soldiers last week that was later claimed by the Islamic State.

Syria experienced its second deadly bus ambush in less than one week on Sunday.

The attack took place on a highway in central Syria’s desert, east of the city of Hama. There are conflicting reports on the identities of those killed. The Syrian state-run SANA news outlet said that nine civilians died when “terrorist organizations” attacked buses and fuel trucks.

Reuters, however, reported that at least nine Syrian army soldiers died in the bus attack. The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 12 Syrian soldiers were killed along with three civilians when buses, cars and fuel trucks were ambushed.

The incident follows another attack on a bus last week. Tens of Syrian soldiers died Dec. 30 when a bus was attacked in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor. The Islamic State (IS) later claimed credit for the attack.

There was no claim following Sunday’s attack. IS remains active in the central Syria desert area also known as Badia and has battled with Syrian forces there recently. 

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