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Lebanon's prime minister asks Egypt for gas as power crisis drags on

Egypt previously agreed to export natural gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria.
AFP via Getty Images

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati asked Egypt today to send natural gas to Lebanon as its electricity crisis worsens.

Mikati made the request to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during an official visit to Cairo. Mikati did not give a timeframe for when the gas may be delivered.

“God willing, these requests will be answered as soon as possible,” Mikati wrote in a Facebook post.

The electricity situation is one of the worst aspects of Lebanon’s deepening economic crisis. Many Lebanese only receive a few hours of government-provided electricity a day, if they receive any at all. The Lebanese have traditionally relied on gas-powered generators when the government-supplied power is out, but chronic fuel shortages have made the alternative difficult or impossible for many.

Mikati’s government has been working to alleviate the electricity crisis. In September, Lebanon entered into an agreement with Egypt, Jordan and Syria to export Egyptian natural gas to Lebanon. The same month, Lebanon imported fuel from Iran.

It is unclear where the Egyptian plan from September stands at present. In the meantime, Lebanon is experiencing a massive emigration wave of people fed up with the situation.