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Israeli COVID-19 vaccine pill to begin human trials

Israel is home to a few experimental treatments for the coronavirus.

An Israeli pharmaceutical company will soon begin testing its COVID-19 vaccine pill on humans.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced today that its subsidiary Oravax received permission from South African authorities to begin the first phase of the oral vaccine’s trial. Oramed can begin enrolling patients for the trial and is currently preparing to actually begin administering the pill, according to the Jerusalem-based firm’s statement.

Israel, a world leader in technology, is not new to experimental strategies for fighting the pandemic. A protein-utilizing drug developed in Tel Aviv showed promising results fighting the coronavirus earlier this year. A nasal spray that apparently kills the virus is also being produced in the country. Israel was additionally one of the first countries in the world to begin administering vaccine booster shots.

Vaccines against COVID-19 are presently administered via shots to the arm. A pill could make distributing vaccines much simpler, since pills do not expire as quickly and can be produced en masse.