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What now for Turkey in Cyprus and eastern Mediterranean?

The election of Turkey’s favorite candidate in the Turkish Cypriot presidential elections may create more problems than opportunities for Ankara in the eastern Mediterranean.

Barin Kayaoglu | Turkey | October 23, 2020

Cracks in Turkish-Russian ties begin to show

Mistrust instead of the spirit of mutually beneficial political cooperation is guiding current relations between Ankara and Moscow.

Semih Idiz | Turkey | October 23, 2020

Turkey blasts Greece, Cyprus, Egypt for 'baseless' Mediterranean accusations

The three countries accused Turkey of threatening regional stability with its renewed exploratory mission in the contested waters.

Al-Monitor Staff | | October 22, 2020

Can Russia benefit from Turkey-Greece spat?

In light of the conflict in the eastern Mediterranean between Turkey and Greece, Russia may be looking to strengthen its ties with Greece in order to further its interests in the region.

Anton Mardasov | Russia / Mideast | October 22, 2020

The Takeaway: Would US-Turkey ties get better or worse if Biden wins?

Trump may be Erdogan’s best friend in Washington; Four takes on Iraq, including the increased violence by Iran-linked militias; and Israeli official talks normalization with Ben Caspit

Andrew Parasiliti | | October 21, 2020

Turkey-backed president's election to reshape negotiations in North Cyprus

Northern Cypriots elected right-wing nationalist Ersin Tatar in runoff presidential elections Sunday, likely drawing a new path for peace talks and energy-revenue sharing negotiations amid rising regional tensions.

Diego Cupolo | Turkey | October 19, 2020

Turkey approaches point of no return on employing Russian air defense system

Ankara’s decision to test-fire its controversial Russian missiles, overriding US warnings, appears driven by a combination of motives related to its ties with both Washington and Moscow.

Metin Gurcan | Turkey | October 19, 2020

Egypt eyes more economic benefits after signing maritime demarcation deal with Greece

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a presidential decree to ratify the historic agreement signed with Greece on the demarcation of maritime borders, which could help further boost Egypt’s ambition to become a major regional energy hub.

Salwa Samir | Egypt | October 20, 2020

France, Egypt join forces to reach settlement in Libya

Observers are optimistic about the new initiative launched by Paris and Cairo to solve the Libyan crisis.

Ahmed Gomaa | Egypt | October 20, 2020