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Israel's selective memory on Armenian genocide

The German resolution recognizing the 1915 Armenian genocide highlights Israel's refusal to do so and its preference of political considerations over a moral stance.

Akiva Eldar | Israel | June 07, 2016

Turkey's Islamists, nationalists both silent on Israeli weapons flow to Azerbaijan

Turkey’s Islamist and ultra-nationalists are curbing their opposition — at least outwardly — to Israel, which is supplying Azerbaijan with weapons to fight Armenia.

Pinar Tremblay | Turkey | May 25, 2016

Why Israel is staying silent on Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Despite its strong ties with Azerbaijan, Israel has kept silent on the conflict with Armenia out of wariness of raising the issue of occupation.

Ephraim Sneh | Israel | April 15, 2016

Will Iran and Russia join forces on Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict?

The renewed fighting over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region has allowed Iran to present itself as a responsible and peace-seeking actor in its northern neighborhood.

Hamidreza Azizi | Iran | April 14, 2016

First the Middle East, now Central Asia slipping away from Turkey

Having lost influence in the Middle East, Turkey finds itself increasingly isolated from Central Asia and the Caucasus after its dust-up with Russia in Syria.

Zulfikar Dogan | Turkey | January 06, 2016

Will new Turkish government pursue Armenian opening?

Opening the Turkey-Armenia border would benefit both countries economically, but ongoing tensions and the results of the June 7 elections in Turkey do not bode well for such a move.

William Armstrong | Turkey | June 26, 2015

Erdogan ends discussion on 'Armenian opening'

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement last week seemed to confirm that the Turkish-Armenian rapprochement was indeed an effort driven mainly by Abdullah Gul and blocked mainly by Erdogan.

Mustafa Akyol | Turkey | May 11, 2015

Armenians refocus on reparations after genocide anniversary

Turkey’s Armenian issue will grow even more complicated with the anticipated demands from Yerevan and the Armenian diaspora for compensation and restitution of property.

Kadri Gursel | Turkey | May 04, 2015

White House omits 'G-word'

The Obama administration speaks obliquely of the “1915 atrocities” that “extinguished” 1.5 million lives — without saying who was responsible for the killing.

Barbara Slavin | | April 23, 2015

Why is Israel still silent on Armenian genocide?

Israel has not joined the EU Parliament and the pope in officially recognizing the Armenian genocide, partly because of its strategic alliance with Azerbaijan against Iran.

Arad Nir | Israel | April 22, 2015