Alon Ushpiz and Saif Ghobash

Director General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry and UAE's Assistant Minister for Culture and Public Diplomacy

Alon Ushpiz and Omar Ghobash
Washington, DC

Speaking at a live webinar event on December 9, 2020, Director General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry Alon Ushpiz and the UAE's Assistant Minister for Culture and Public Diplomacy Omar Ghobash joined Al-Monitor's Andrew Parasiliti and Ben Caspit to discuss the growing trend of normalization between Israel and Arab states, prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace, Iran, and much more.

Emirati, Israeli officials upbeat about Biden Administration

Ushpiz said that while US President Donald Trump’s support for Arab-Israeli normalization was “breathtaking,” he thinks President-elect Joe Biden shares a similar commitment to Israel’s security and prosperity. “Biden is an old friend of Israel,” said Ushpiz. “I’m 100% sure that this commitment will continue also during the Biden administration." Since the Abraham Accords, Israel and the UAE have signed a plethora of additional agreements on enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Ghobash said that the UAE’s position on Iran will not change and its relationship with Washington will remain strong when Biden takes office in January. “I don’t think that the new administration means we change our position in any way," he said.

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