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Gilles Kepel, who accompanied Macron to the Gulf, explains the impact of the French president’s visit to the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, including his meetings with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and other Gulf leaders; the background to the $18 billion sale of French warplanes to the UAE; how the region is adapting to the Abraham Accords, economic and energy transitions, and the threat from Iran; why the Qatari mood is triumphant following the lifting the embargo; why the Muslim Brotherhood may be losing political relevance in the region; how the French policy is both a complement and a challenge to US influence in the region. Gilles Kepel is professor and director of the Middle East and Mediterranean Program at the Institute of Political Studies, Paris (Sciences Po), and host of Al-Monitor’s video podcast "Reading the Middle East."


-Macron in Dubai, Doha and Jeddah: geopolitics of an itinerary (Le Grand Continent/French)

-Martin Indyk discusses his book, Master of the Game, and reflects on Kissinger’s diplomatic legacy in the Middle East (Al-Monitor)

-Israel pleased with US pivot to pressure in Iran nuclear talks (Al-Monitor)

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