President Donald Trump released the final installment of his Israel-Palestine peace plan. But we’ve heard this song before - last year in Bahrain, when his son-in-law Jared Kushner announced an underwhelming “economic peace plan” for propping up Palestine. Those plans fell on deaf ears - so what’s in this new proposal, and what’s in it for both sides of the conflict? Phil and Cooper speak with Al-Monitor columnist and former Israeli peace negotiator Yossi Beilin and Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse columnist Daoud Kuttab to understand the effects of these political gestures from the Trump Administration.

Extra Listening:

  • Episode #105,  Bahrain Drain (7/12/2019): Jared Kushner releases the first portion of the Israeli-Palestinian “deal of the century” - an economic “peace and prosperity” platform - but it didn’t get the response they were looking for.
  • Episode #113,  Déjà-Yahu (9/20/2019): The second round of Israeli elections in 2019 show Gantz barely leading Netanyahu, but always signals another political stalemate.
  • Episode #120,  Gantz Hardly Wait (12/6/2019): Prime Minister Netanyahu is being indicted for corruption, and neither him or his opponent Benny Gantz have been able to form a majority government, meaning that Israel will head into a third do-over election in March 2020.

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