Following up on Episode #115, Phil and Cooper discuss what’s happened in Syria since President Trump decided to withdraw US troops from the northeastern territories, leaving Syrian Kurdish allies to fend for themselves against the Turkish military operation. But are the troops really “coming home,” and if so, when? Are there still plans for troops in Syria? And if the US is leaving, who’s going to fill that void? We answer these questions and speak with senior correspondent Amberin Zaman to learn more about how the Syrian Kurds are processing events of the last few weeks.

Extra Listening:

  • Episode #82, Walk (Back) This Way (1/10/2019): Trump announces pulling troops out of Syria, only to be stopped by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
  • Episode #110, The Not-So-Safe Zone (8/22/2019): The US and Turkey agree to a buffer zone along the Turkey-Syria border to prevent any military operations against the Kurds.
  • Episode #115, Seen and Not Kurd (10/10/2019): After a chance phone call with Turkish President Erdogan, President Trump announces that US troops will leave northern Syria, putting the long alliance with Syrian Kurds in jeopardy.

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