Phil and Cooper do a deep dive into the ongoing conflict in Yemen, which has become one of the worst humanitarian crises in history. We look into how a unified Yemen was first formed, and how today, nascent movements in southern Yemen are looking into splitting the country once again. Two Al-Monitor contributors and Yemeni journalists, Naseh Shaker and Afrah Nasser, join the podcast to lend valuable insight into a civil war where conflicting reports are rampant. Also, Gulf Pulse columnist Bruce Riedel talks about the role Saudi Arabia and the UAE have played in the conflict, and Washington correspondent Bryant Harris speaks about the increased lobbying from Yemeni separatists in DC.

Extra Listening:

  • Episode #34,  Quds You Be More Wrong? (12/13/2017): After helping bring to power the same Houthi rebels who ran him out of Yemen, ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by the rebels after they found him too disloyal.
  • Episode #77,  Backing Out (11/14/2018): The Trump Administration considers pulling its material support to the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen.

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