Israel held another election this week after a first round in April led to a stalemate, when Prime Minister Netanyahu was unable to form a majority government. Though the results from this week are equally confusing, there’s a likelihood that Netanyahu’s grip on power is weakening. Phil and Cooper parse through the numbers: what led to this, what parties are in play, and what comes next? Al-Monitor’s Israel Pulse columnist Akiva Eldar joins the podcast, along with Lara Friedman, President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Extra Listening:

  • Episode #78,  Honey I Shrunk My Coalition (11/29/2018): Phil, Cooper, and Danny Zaken discuss Netanyahu’s political majority falling apart after the departure of Avigdor Liberman along with threats of other cabinet members leaving.
  • Episode #89,  Alliance Defiance (2/28/2019): Phil and Cooper explain the Blue & White Coalition and how it was becoming a serious threat to Netanyahu’s leadership, and talk with Mazal Mualem about Bibi’s alliance with far-right parties.
  • Episode #90,  Nobody Puts Bibi in the Corner (3/7/2019): Ben Caspit joins the podcast to talk about the announcement about Netanyahu’s potential indictment, and how it will affect him in the April elections.
  • Episode #95,  Breaking Benjamin (4/12/2019): Danny Zaken speaks with the podcast about the April election results.
  • Episode #101,  Panic! At The Knesset (6/7/2019): Netanyahu fails at forming a majority government and calls snap elections for September.

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