The Israeli election was held this week, and the results have found Prime Minister Netanyahu and his primary opponent Benny Gantz tied with 35 Knesset seats each. So why is Netanyahu still being hailed as the victor? Phil and Cooper discuss the events leading up to the election and Netanyahu’s path forward with Al-Monitor Israel Pulse contributor Danny Zaken.

Extra Listening:

  • Episode #78, Honey I Shrunk My Coalition (11/29/2018): Phil, Cooper, and Danny Zaken discuss Netanyahu’s political majority falling apart after the departure of Avigdor Liberman along with threats of other cabinet members leaving.
  • Episode #89, Alliance Defiance (2/28/2019): Phil and Cooper explain the Blue & White Coalition and how it was becoming a serious threat to Netanyahu’s leadership, and talk with Mazal Mualem about Bibi’s alliance with far-right parties.
  • Episode #90, Nobody Puts Bibi in the Corner (3/7/2019): Ben Caspit joins the podcast to talk about the announcement about Netanyahu’s potential indictment, and how it will affect him in the April elections.

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