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Fires continue in Lebanon amid regional outbreak

Large wildfires have affected Turkey, Syria and European countries recently.
Lebanese fire

More fires broke out in Lebanon on Friday.

Three wildfires took place in the southern Lebanese towns of Haddatha, Hanine and Baraachit. The blaze began in forested areas of the towns. Firefighters from nearby Bins Jbeil were able to extinguish the flames, the official National News Agency reported. 

There were also several wildfires in northern Lebanon last week, which also spread to neighboring Syria. Wildfires have been a risk in the country for several years. The United Nations also warned last month that Lebanon’s public water system is at risk of collapsing amid the economic crisis, which could exacerbate the wildfires issue. 

Serious fires have also been recently raging in Turkey and other eastern Mediterranean states in Europe such as Greece. Forest fires continued in Turkey’s Antalya on the Mediterranean coast Friday. 

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