Syria rejects Russian proposal for Kurdish federation

Russia's attempt to broker a Kurdish solution is warmly received by Kurds but gets the cold shoulder from Syria.
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 Mahmut Bozarslan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on October 24

How Turkey is becoming a snitching paradise

The aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt has seen a surge of informants in Turkey, compounding an already terrible climate of fear.
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 Tulay Cetingulec for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on October 24

Will the Palestinian Authority succeed in pursuing activists beyond its borders?

Palestinian activists living abroad report being targeted for airing their criticisms on social media.
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 Adnan Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 24

Israel wary of Russian comeback to the region

Russia has extended its presence in the region to such an extent that any IDF jet crossing the Israeli border in the north immediately appears on Russian military radar screens.
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 Ben Caspit for Al-Monitor on October 24

Iran’s new challenge: The Islamic State in Persia?

Though Iran has announced that it has killed the Islamic State’s "emir" in the country, it continues to face serious security threats from a variety of militants.
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 Ali Hashem for Al-Monitor on October 24

Are Egyptian-Saudi disputes just a passing crisis or a decisive storm?

Egyptian-Saudi squabbles over Syria and Yemen have gone viral, and some worry that this will have a lasting negative effect on the relationship between Cairo and Riyadh.
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 Khalid Hassan for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on October 23

Did Putin give green light to Turkish attack on US-backed Syrian Kurds?

Kurds again in crosshairs as Turkey weighs options in Mosul.
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 Al-Monitor Week in Review on October 23

The battle of the Euphrates islands: The last stages in the fight against IS

In conjunction with the Mosul operation, the Iraqi army has launched an operation in Anbar province to liberate islands in the Euphrates River that are under Islamic State control and are used as IS safe havens.
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 Muhannad Al-Ghazi for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on October 24

Are Turkish leaders ill-informed about their own history?

Many question whether Ankara has aspirations in Iraq linked to a misunderstanding of Turkish history.
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 Cengiz Çandar for Al-Monitor on October 21

Turkey’s misguided policies now haunt it at Mosul

Turkey criticizes the Mosul operation but is doing everything possible to be part of it.
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 Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor on October 21

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