Are Turkish courts delaying trials of IS militants?

Although the latest wave of detentions of Islamic State militants and sympathizers have pleased the Turkish public, lawyer Ali Cil questions the handling of the Turkish judiciary in the Nigde case so far.
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 Metin Gurcan for Al-Monitor on July 31

Will Syrian rebels announce emirate in Daraa?

There are indications that the Yarmouk Brigade might be announcing an emirate in Daraa.
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Translated from As-Safir (Lebanon) on July 31

Is Islamic State threatening Jerusalem’s Christians?

Although raising initial concerns among Jerusalem's Palestinian Christian community, an alleged threat by the Islamic State fell largely on defiant ears.
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 Daoud Kuttab for Al-Monitor on July 31

Assyrian Christian woman shares story of captivity by Islamic State

In this interview with Al-Monitor, a Christian Assyrian woman recounts her experience of being kidnapped by Islamic State militants.
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 Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli for Al-Monitor Syria Pulse on July 30

Saudi war drags on in Yemen

While Saudi Arabia continues military operations in Yemen through allied forces, it could face severe political risks.
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 Maysaa Shuja al-Deen for Al-Monitor on July 30

Palestinian dead become Israeli bargaining chip

Israel buries bodies of Palestinian dead in what is known as the “Cemetery of Numbers," a poorly managed site where many bodies reportedly have been lost mainly due to negligence.
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 Ahmad Melhem for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on July 29

Can Iraq bring Iran and the GCC closer?

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's recent visit to Iraq sends several important signals — all centering on increasing regional security in the Middle East.
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 Luay al-Khatteeb for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on July 29

Hamas' cyber battalions take on Israel

The cyber war between the Israelis and the Palestinians is intensifying, with each side racing to penetrate the enemy’s sensitive sites.
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 Adnan Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on July 29

Kobani’s oil dries up

Living conditions are dire in Kobani, and the precarious economic conditions seem to be related to the lack of oil due to the blockade that has been insulating the city.
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 Massoud Hamed for Al-Monitor Syria Pulse on July 29

Rebels unlikely to find success in Aleppo

In light of divisions among rebel factions, it appears the battle for Aleppo will be long and drawn out, unlike the rapid progress they made in capturing Idlib.
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 Mona Alami for Al-Monitor on July 29

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