Israeli far-right's new target: Arab bus drivers

Activists of the far-right Lehava have launched a hate campaign against Arab bus drivers.
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 Shlomi Eldar on January 20

Talk of Kurdish autonomy still makes Syrians squirm

In Syria, traveling from Damascus to Qamishli can prove complicated, as suspicions about Kurdish aspirations of autonomy persist.
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 Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor on January 20

US pastor in Turkish jail while Gulen dominates talks

Turkey’s prime minister has asked the US president-elect to hand over exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen in the interest of furthering US-Turkey relations even as Ankara continues to hold American Pastor Andrew Brunson on terror charges.
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 Amberin Zaman for Al-Monitor on January 19

Did Hamas hack the IDF?

Israeli army officials claim that some of its soldiers were duped by fake Facebook accounts set up by Hamas, which then hacked soldiers' phones and obtained sensitive intelligence information.
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 Adnan Abu Amer on January 19

At Arab Spring commission, Tunisians speak of incomplete revolution

At Tunisia's third Truth and Dignity Commission, many young speakers testified about human rights abuses that occurred during the 2011 revolution and continue to this day.
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 Sarah Souli for Al-Monitor on January 19

Trump's UN nominee reassures advocates of Iran deal, two-state solution

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley offered a measured counterpoint to Donald Trump's inflamed rhetoric during her confirmation hearing Jan. 18.
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 Julian Pecquet for Al-Monitor on January 18

US backs Turkish offensive with airstrikes around al-Bab

After repeated appeals from Turkey for the United States to help Turkish troops and their rebel proxies to capture al-Bab, US airstrikes are resuming in a move that could help diffuse growing tensions between the NATO allies.
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 Amberin Zaman for Al-Monitor on January 18

Why Ankara’s honeymoon with Trump may be short-lived

By blasting the Obama administration over Gulen and the Syrian Kurds, the Turkish government signals to the incoming Trump administration its demands for improved ties.
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 Semih Idiz for Al-Monitor on January 18

What game is Russia playing in Libya?

Russia appears headed toward greater involvement in Libya, a development that could have catastrophic consequences for Libya and the region.
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 Mohamed Eljarh for Al-Monitor on January 19

Is more women entering Yemen's labor market really progress?

Yemen's vicious civil war has altered many aspects of society so that women are forced into the family's breadwinning positions, which may not necessarily reflect a milestone in gender equality.
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 Amal Nasser for Al-Monitor on January 20

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