Published: Bağcılar, Istanbul, Turkey
Language: Turkish
Established: 1997
Published: daily
Website: www.radikal.com.tr

Radikal, which means “radical” in Turkish, has been in publication since 1997. Radikal is owned by Doğan Media Group, one of the leading Turkish media corporations. The editor-in-chief of Radikal is Eyüp Can Sağlık.

Although its distribution is considered to be somewhat smaller than other major Turkish dailies,  Radikal is regarded as a leading and highly influential newspaper, in particular because of its strength in terms of investigative journalism and courageous handling of sensitive and controversial stories.

Radikal does not endorse a particular political agenda and is not affiliated with any political party, but it is generally considered as a leftist and liberal newspaper. The Dogan Group's own description of Radikal says it "is a niche market newspaper targeting well-educated urban readers with a current and intellectual editorial slant…Radikal's readers are young, well-educated, middle-to-high-income earners.”

Recently, the appearance of more liberal and independent papers on the Turkish market have resulted in a major restructuring at Radikal. Doğan Media Group has merged the paper with Referans, a daily economic review, and appointed Eyüp Can Sağlık as the new editor-in-chief. New columnists have also come on board, and several of Radikal’s reporters have been honored with awards for distinguished journalism. Cengiz Çandar, one of the leading experts on the Middle East, is a regular contributor.

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