Published: Bağcılar, Istanbul, Turkey
Language: Turkish
Established: 1950
Published: daily
Website: www.milliyet.com.tr

Milliyet, which means "nationality" in Turkish, is a leading Turkish daily established in Istanbul in 1950. The motto of the daily is “Trust in the Press”. The editor-in-chief is Derya Sazak. Milliyet is historically known as a serious and prestigious newspaper in Turkey. Its website is not only the most visited newspaper site in Turkey, but also one of the most popular websites in the country.

At the time of its founding, the editorial line was shaped by Abdi İpekçi, a leading intellectual and journalist of his day. Milliyet became known for its courageous, independent, and investigative style of journalism.  Because of his pro-democracy stance, İpekçi became the target of ultra nationalists. He was assassinated on February 1, 1979 by Mehmet Ali Ağca, who later shot Pope John Paul II.

After the assassination of İpekçi the owners of the daily, the Karacan family, sold Milliyet to Aydın Doğan, a major media conglomerate. Doğan relinquished the paper to DK (Demirören & Karacan) Corporation in April 2011. 

Milliyet is a nationalist or “Kemalist” paper with a liberal, leftist slant, and it is considered to be highly influential of Turkish public opinion. It describes its audience as "well-educated individuals and key opinion makers." Milliyet is also known for its effective social responsibility campaigns aimed at increasing girls’ access to education and raising awareness of domestic violence. 

Among Milliyet’s areas of strength is its coverage on foreign affairs. Sami Kohen is a well-known, erudite political analyst highly respected both within Turkey and abroad.  Aslı Aydıntaşbaş is a liberal commentator with good contacts on the international scene. Semih Idiz, a pro-nationalist commentator, focuses on the impact of international affairs on Turkey.

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