Published: Istanbul, Turkey
Language: Turkish
Published: monthly
Website: www.haberturk.com

Habertürk or "Turkish News," abbreviated as HT, is a mainstream Turkish daily published in Istanbul. The newspaper started printing and distribution in March 2009.  Though the paper is a newcomer to the Turkish media market, it has in a short time become one of Turkey’s largest and most popular daily newspapers.

Habertürk was established by Ciner Media Group, a subsidiary of Ciner Holding. The editor-in-chief of the daily is a well-known Turkish journalist and broadcaster Fatih Altayli. Haberturk’s trademark is as the only “different” newspaper in Turkey. The editorial line can be described as mainstream Kemalist, but it also features leftist and liberal writers. Some controversial stories published by the paper have sparked public debates.

The daily is known for its influential columnists. Fatih Altayli, known for his strong nationalist sentiments, is among the most popular columnists in Turkey and he hosts his own political TV show. The daily is also well-known for its strong coverage foreign affairs. Soli Ozel is one of the leading analysts on Middle Eastern affairs in Turkey. Amberin Zaman has been a correspondent for the British publication The Economist since 1999, as well as being among the many notable contributors to Habertürk.

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