Published: Beirut, Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Established: 1974
Published: daily
Website: www.assafir.com

One of the leading Arabic language daily newspapers in Lebanon, As-Safir was established in 1974 by Talal Salman, who still serves as its editor-in-chief.

According to the paper, As-Safir is “the voice of the voiceless” and “the newspaper of the Lebanese in the Arab World and the newspaper of the Arabs in Lebanon.” As-Safir covers Lebanese, Arab and international news pertaining to Lebanon, the Middle East region and the Arab world, and covers politics, economy, culture, society, sports, environment, science and leisure.

As-Safir’s strength is in political analysis with an Arab nationalist slant, including frequent criticism of Western governments for their perceived neo-colonialist attitudes towards the countries and people of the Middle East.

In a very rare step for Lebanon and the Arab world, As-Safir opened its capital to investors in September 2011 up to a level of 49%. Levant Media S.A.L, the parent company of Al-Monitor, was the first company to acquire a stake, in a move to strengthen the paper’s position and help it expand its media operations.

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