Published: Algiers, Algeria
Language: Arabic
Established: 1990
Published: daily
Website: www.elkhabar.com

El-Khabar is one of Algeria’s largest daily newspapers. It was founded in Algiers in 1990 by a group of journalists two years after the fall of Algeria’s one-party system, which had tightly controlled the press. El-Khabar is collectively owned by a group of editors and journalists.

In Algeria, newspapers hold a strong position in the media landscape. They reach a large readership from different social groups throughout the country. Whereas most newspapers must rely on printers and distribution channels owned by the government, El-Khabar has succeeded in setting up their own printer and an independent distribution network.

The newspaper is liberal and independent and provides in-depth coverage of national, regional, and international news. It often runs reports and columns critical of the ruling elite and government power abuse. As a result, journalists and editors have on several occasions been sent to jail. The paper is also known for its excellent caricatures, often with biting satire.

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