Al-Qaeda Has Become Desperate But Is Still Dangerous In Yemen

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Mohammed Seif Haidar, a terrorism expert, has declared that al-Qaeda’s recent operations show the group has reached a "level of despair" not previously seen — but that doesn't mean the Yemeni security apparatus has been able to keep up with their activities.

Mohammed Seif Haidar, a specialist in terrorism issues, said the recent operations carried out by al-Qaeda prove the "level of despair" that they have reached.

Haider told Asharq Alawsat that “al-Qaeda’s recent operations indicate that soon, the group will no longer be an issue. Their operations show a strategy of retaliation, including desperate operations that were carried out after a defeat in the Abyan and Shabwah governorates.” He added that “al-Qaeda wanted to deliver a message that the group is still present and able to launch operations. Al-Qaeda carefully selects its targets, often choosing to carry out operations on religious holidays. Security services have to pay attention to this fact and strengthen their precautionary measures.”

Haider said “the security services’ performance is marked by confusion, due to the confusion prevailing in Yemen, where we have noticed an absence of cohesion in decisions related to security issues. The attack against the intelligence services’ headquarters in Aden on the eve of the Eid al-Fitr holiday is the third of its kind against the same building over the past few years. Security measures were supposed to be completely reexamined and the storming of the intelligence headquarters is a major blow to state efforts aimed at fighting terrorism.”

Haidar explained that al-Qaeda has been targeting everyone involved in a war against the organization in the Abyan and Shabwah provinces, and “made a list of targets that includes military leaders in Abyan, members of the popular committees and defense, interior and information ministers.”

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