Latest PKK Attack Casts Doubt On Turkish Security Network

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It sometimes seems as if terrorists strike in Turkey whenever Prime Minister Erdogan goes on a state visit, writes Fatih Altayl following Tuesday's attack in the village of Daglica when Erdogan was in Mexico. He asks why the nation can’t use its vast resources to eliminate terrorist threats, like the US does, wondering if its vaunted security apparatus is overrated.

We are getting tired of hearing about a terror report every time Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan travels abroad. Almost without exception, terror strikes whenever Erdogan goes on an important trip, like yesterday [June 19, 2012].

During the late hours of the evening while Erdogan was in Mexico, the bitter news came from our Omer Celik, who reported: “The PKK again attacked the village of Daglica. We have eight martyrs and 15 wounded. Clashes are ongoing. Unfortunately even the ambulances can’t access the location.”

We were all demoralized instantly.

The terrorist organization hasn’t carried out such attacks for some time. I remember saying: “This must be the work of the Bahoz Erdal group.” Someone from the table said: “On every trip abroad, we get such news.” Omer Celik was more on the mark when he said: “Not every foreign trip. The PKK attacks on the eve of each meeting with Obama. Tomorrow there is Obama-Erdogan meeting and PKK attacked again. Take note.”

Another attack, again many martyrs and again the work of Syrian-originated terrorist Fehman Huseyin, aka Bahoz Erdal. The same name is linked to all major bloody PKK attacks of recent times. That is precisely what stirs my curiosity.

Turkey has all the technology: heavy external support, Predator drones, Heron unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), signal intelligence capabilies, human intelligence and special forces commandos which are said to be among the world’s best.

While the US finds and eliminates its targets one by one in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and pinpoints and kills the al-Qaeda leader in his residence, why can’t Turkey do the same to the leading cadres of the PKK, or at least to Bahoz Erdal?

Is it so difficult? Is it Impossible? Are our special forces incompetent? Were we misled about their prowess all these years? Is our intelligence weak? Are we lacking technology?

Which one? Or all of above?

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