Poll: Most Israelis Oppose Unilateral Strike on Iran

Article Summary
A clear majority of Israels oppose an attack on Iran without American cooperation. According to a new poll, 62% of Jewish respondents and 66% of Arab respondents were against such an attack without the US on board, while 35% and 30%, respectively, believe there's a good chance Israel will initiate a strike without US cooperation. 

What are Iran’s intentions? The Jewish public is divided on whether Iran will attack Israel if it obtains nuclear weapons: 51% believe chances are high and 42% believe chances are low. Among the Arab public, 50% believe Iran will attack, 47% believe the opposite.

What’s the use of sanctions? Among the Jews, 77% believe the West's sanctions on Iran will not halt its nuclear armament, and 59% of the Arab public agrees.

Should Israel attack Iran on its own? A clear majority of the Jewish public, 62%, is opposed to an Israeli attack on Iran without American cooperation, and only 35% believe there is a large chance Israel will initiate a strike without such cooperation. Among the Arab public, 66% oppose an attack without American cooperation and 30% see chances for a strike without American cooperation.

Will an Israeli-only strike achieve its goals? Among the Jewish public, 53% believes such a strike won’t succeed, as opposed to 39% who believe it will. In the Arab public the pattern is reversed: 52% believe that the attack will succeed and 46% believe it will not.

What will the cost be? Among Jews, 60.5% reject Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s assessment that an Israeli attack will only result in some 500 people wounded in retaliation measures by Iran, believing the number of wounded would be higher. In the Arab public, about 54% agree that  casualities would be higher.

Will Israeli society be able to withstand that? Among the Jewish public, 58% believe Israeli society will be able to pay the price in terms of national resilience. In the Arab public, the faith in Israeli national resilience is even higher – 68%.

And what about an attack with American cooperation? Here the picture is different. Among the Jewish public, 65% support an attack, while a larger majority, 72%, believes that such an attack has a high chance of delaying, for a significant amount of time, Iran’s nuclear armament. Among the Arab public, a smaller majority, 57%, believes an attack with American cooperation will be effective, but the rate of support for such an attack is much lower than it is among the Jewish public: 47%, compared with 51% who are opposed.

And what is Israel’s national interest regarding the struggle in Syria? Among Jewish respondents, 35.5% believe it would be better for Israel if the Assad regime falls, 27% believe it will be worse and 26% believe the result won’t make a difference. The Arab public is divided, 50% believe the fall of the regime would be bad for Israel and 41% believe it would be better for Israel.

Should we assist, and whom? Among Jews, 84% believe Israel shouldn't assist either side. Among the Arab public, 49% agree with that, while 26% favor supporting Assad and 23% favor backing the opposition. 

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