India torn between two warring friends

Article Summary
The attack in New Delhi places India at the heart of the escalating conflict between Israel and Iran, two of its closest allies.

Since the attack in New Delhi, Indians are finding themselves torn between their old friend Iran and their relatively new friend, Israel.

The relations between India and Iran have been close for many generations, and Iran is India’s main oil supplier. However, recent times have seen a change in relations due to India's increasingly close relationship with the United States, which has resulted in tension with Iran. On one hand, the Indians have in the past condemned Iran’s nuclear armament efforts, but on the other hand they are now trying to find ways to side-step the sanctions the west have imposed on the country in order to continue enjoying the fruits of the friendship.

And what about Israel? India and Israel celebrated this year 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties. Cooperation between the countries spans many fields, including weapons (Israel is among India’s primary arms suppliers), agriculture, technology and energy. India, as such, will have a very hard time choosing between two of its friends – and will do everything to avoid the need to do so.

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