NATO Radar in Turkey "Intended to Provoke Iran"

Article Summary
Despite previous assurances Ankara claims to have received concerning the NATO radar station at Malatya, two American officials have stated publicly that intelligence from the missile shield will be shared with Israel. Melih Asik interprets these statements as a deliberate attempt to create friction between the Turkish and Iranian governments.

Yesterday [February 1, 2012], the striking remarks of one US official were posted on numerous websites [concerned with issues of security]. In a datelined report from Tel Aviv, this American official was quoted as saying that only US technicians would operate the radar system installed at Kurecik-Malatya [in Turkey]. He [further] stated that “Contrary to Turkish assurances to Iran, the US has promised Israel to share [with it] the intelligence obtained by this missile defense system.”

Our government had assured Iran that such intelligence was not going to be shared with Israel and that an agreement to this effect had been signed with the US. But the US does not confirm such an agreement. Last September, another American official  revealed in The Wall Street Journal that intelligence obtained at Kurecik would indeed be shared with Israel.

Why is the US making a point of revealing this? And why does Israel seem so pleased with these disclosures?

Clearly, both the US and Israel want to build tension between Iran and Turkey on this issue. In other words, they want to use Turkey as bait for Iran.

There is no doubt that the installation of NATO radar in Turkey, as opposed to in some other country, was going to damage Iranian-Turkish relations. If that radar could have worked in the Czech Republic - where it was originally planned - then why erect it right under the noses of the Iranians?

Is there any other way to explain it?

Turkey clearly prefers to keep itself out of a war that pits the US and Israel against Iran. However, the US will not allow this. Unfortunately, the maneuvering capability of those governing Turkey is insufficient to protect this country from such a war. A new disaster is knocking on our door.

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