SNC Sets Nine-Point Transition Plan

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The Syrian National Council met in Istanbul recently to set out a transition plan, including special powers to expire following the establishment of a transitional government, reports Mohammad Ahmad.

Al-Hayat learned that at a meeting in Istanbul a few days ago, the Secretariat General of the Syrian National Council (SNC), which constitutes the largest component of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces has laid out a plan to "transfer powers and launch a transitional phase" in Syria.

A well-informed source confirmed that the nine-point plan was handed over to the national coalition.

In its first item, the SNC plan stipulated that "the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces shall designate an interim government, once the international safeguards necessary to  recognize it are available and after the establishment of a support fund for its activities.  The government is to be formed within the coalition's general meeting, in the presence of the revolutionary and national figures committed to the revolution's goals, as set out in the coalition's protocol. The government shall exercise its powers in the liberated territories."

According to the plan's second item, "Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian regime's figures shall step down, yielding to the people's demands. The national coalition shall take over the legislative and executive authorities. It will issue decrees dismissing the government, and dissolving parliament and security agencies with the exception of the police. Senior military leaders, the Fourth Armored Division and the Republican Guards are also to be dissolved. Political and revolutionary prisoners shall also be released."

Furthermore, the plan provided "for a decree to be issued by the national coalition to transfer executive powers to the interim government, in a move that would disrupt the current constitution. This decree shall govern the legislative process during the transitional period at which time the  interim government shall supervise an agreement between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) leaders, the chief of staff and Syrian military officers who do not have Syrians' blood on their hands, in order to organize the cease-fire and the withdrawal of the Syrian army back to its barracks. The FSA shall work on accommodating rebels in the army and security forces, establishing security and preserving civil peace."

Moreover, according to the plan's seventh item, "the national coalition shall call for a national conference to include representatives of all political factions and the revolution's spectrum without any exception, within a maximum period of one month as of the date of toppling the regime."

The plan stressed that "the coalition shall be dissolved when the national conference is held and following the formation of the transitional government. The general national conference shall launch an accountability process, condemning those responsible for the crimes committed and will also form a committee for truth, justice, and national reconciliation."

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