Turkish Security Plan Distinguishes Kurdish Issue, PKK Terror

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In a summary of Turkey's recently-adopted national security plan, Yahya Bostan reports that the document separates the Kurdish political issue from terrorism. 

The Turkish daily Sabah has obtained the details of the “Plan of Action Against Terrorism” recently adopted by the National Security Council. The action plan and its appendix, entitled "Prime Ministry Macro Analysis," both of which were prepared by the prime minister's office, draws the road map for a new process in combating terrorism. The Turkish state’s strategy is entitled “Combating Terror, Negotiating Politics and Moving Forward in Democracy.”

In the introduction to the action plan, emphasis is placed on the thousand years of history and brotherhood between different ethnic groups in Turkey. Here are some of the details:

  • Terror is to be distinguished from the Kurdish issue: While continuing with the strongest possible action against the terror organization the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), work must continue on marginalizing the organization and severing its connections to its popular base. The organization that could not inspire support for its call for a “Kurdish Spring'’ is losing legitimacy with its base, and the Kurdish issue is increasingly disconnecting from the question of terror.
  • Not just guns: Single-track strategies for negotiations or security operations are wrong. They should overlap.
  • Giving up of arms: The organization still dreams of independence and it will continue its actions. Security measures must therefore be reinforced. Technologies of aerial reconnaissance with piloted and unmanned vehicles should be used more, key leaders of the organization must be apprehended and multidimensional work to encourage the PKK to give up arms and come down from the mountains must be intensified.
  • Civil society: Structures that can reach all parties in the region must be supported.
  • Freedom of expression: If a person is not linked to the organization but supports the same views, that must be considered to fall under freedom of expression.
  • Local administrations: Turkey’s reservations to European local administrations’ autonomy requirement are now invalid with the democratic reforms undertaken. This reservation must be canceled.
  • Location names must be restored: The names of many villages and locations changed after 1950s must be restored. Access to public services in mother tongues would be facilitated.
  • Countries that don’t want an end to terror: There should be closer cooperation with actors as the US, Germany, France and Russia. It must be borne in mind that there are some countries that don’t want a resolution of the terror question.
  • Special attention for Syria: The international community should be encouraged to support the post-Assad period in Syria, which has been a destabilizing factor. The Lebanonization of Syria must never be permitted.
  • Struggle must be compatible with human dignity: The action plan has a long introduction that resembles a manifesto of democracy. It emphasizes the brotherhood of ethnic elements in Turkey over a thousand years and categorically asserts that there will be no discrimination of any kind between them. It says, “The state cannot behave as a terror organization,” and underlines that the struggle against terror will be compatible with human dignity. Torture and ill-treatment are strictly forbidden.
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