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President Mohammed Morsi is expected to replace several ministers in Prime Minister Hisham Kandil’s government with members of the Freedom and Justice Party in the next few days.

Well-informed presidential sources said that President Mohammed Morsi will exact changes in Hisham Kandil’s government within the next few days, adding that these changes will affect all service ministries that failed to implement the presidential program.

The Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) held an emergency meeting on Sunday [Nov. 11] to discuss ministerial changes. The meeting saw the decision to dismiss all ministers who deal with economic affairs — as well as the ministers for antiquities, health and transport, following a train crash in Fayoum — and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders.

The presidential office demanded that the minister of finance be replaced with a member of the Brotherhood suggested by the group — namely Mohammed Gouda, a member of the FJP’s Economic Committee — to embark upon its development project. The presidential office also nominated the Secretary General of the FJP in Port Said, Akram al-Shaer, to the post of minister of health and Nagi Mikael as minister of antiquities.

An informed source said that Morsi discussed with FJP leaders reports on the performance of the ministers who deal with economic affairs. These reports recommended replacing them soon, due to the damage that will be inflicted to the Brotherhood and its popularity, should these ministers be kept in their posts under the worsening economic situation.

The source added that Kandil’s government will experience changes in several ministries in the next few days, given that their leaders have failed to fulfill their employees’ demands as popular protests have continued.

The source continued, saying that the reason for convening a meeting was to find ways out of these crises, which have taken on abnormal dimensions — according to the source. This gives the Brotherhood the feeling that these crises have been fabricated in order to abort the group’s development project.

The source emphasized that the Brotherhood’s strategy involves changing the entire government and turning it into a “Brotherhoodized” government. This allows the group to implement the outlines of its project, which is designed to improve the country's resources and enhance its regional and international status.

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