Netanyahu Stars Once More In Romney's Campaign Ads

Netanyahu’s speeches have already appeared in TV ads for Mitt Romney, and it's happened again: A pro-Romney organization has produced a new spot which aired on Wednesday in Florida, targeting the Jewish voters there with excerpts from a Netanyahu speech against Iran.

al-monitor US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (L) meets with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, July 29, 2012. Photo by REUTERS/Jason Reed.

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Oct 16, 2012

After Benjamin Netanyahu’s address became part of Mitt Romney’s election ad, the Israeli prime minister is poised to do it again. 

An organization that supports US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has invested $300,000 in the new ad by, a portion of which has reached the website Politico. It contains parts of Netanyahu’s address last month in Jerusalem amid the controversy with the Obama administration over the issue of setting “red lines” before Iran. “Those ... who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to put red lines before Israel,” Netanyahu is seen saying in the ad, after which the following caption appears: “It’s time to stop Iran and stand with Israel, with no apologies.” The ad will start airing tomorrow [Oct. 15] in Florida, which has a large Jewish contingency.

One of the ads' producers, Nelson Warfield, said it was decided to air the ad following the vice-presidential debate in which incumbent Vice President Joe Biden said that he had been friends with Netanyahu for over 39 years. “It is important that Floridians hear from Biden’s 'friend' about the need to be tough with Iran.” Politico was unable to get a response from the Prime Minister's office.

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