A Call for Morocco's Leftists to Unify for Reform

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One of Morocco’s leading leftist personalities has issued a rallying call to the country’s like-minded groups. Nabila Mounib says the socialist-liberal coalitions should not ally with ruling Islamist parties before issues like civil liberties are settled.

The Unified Socialist Party (PSU) has issued a new call to gather [Morocco’s] leftist parties. The following is a review of the situation with the Secretary General of the party.

Tel Quel:  How is this call different from previous ones?

Nabila Mounib:  It is better to have calls than not have any at all. It is always good to remember that the left needs to adopt a new strategy and assess its participation — or not — in the governments that have succeeded. The aim is to adopt a progressive and egalitarian project in order to stand out from the two conservative [parties] that we are confronting, be it the Makhzen or the [Justice and Development Party] government.

In sum, the left should conduct a constructive study which encompasses the last 50 years.

Tel Quel:  Would you be willing to integrate Islamist parties like Al-Badil, Al-Hadari and Al-Umma in to this call?

Nabila Mounib:  What interests us first and foremost is to strengthen the alliance with other leftist parties, but we remain open to democratic parties, that is to say to those who believe in a secular state that respects individual and collective liberties. For the moment, we do not envisage any political alliance with those parties. First of all, we would like them to clarify their position vis-à-vis a number of issues, including gender equality.

Tel Quel:  What do you expect of the next [Popular Union of Socialist Forces] Congress?

Nabila Mounib:  I have no advice to give them, but I just hope they will interpret the current situation well. I also hope they would show more openness vis-à-vis young [Islamists] and that they reach a plan which clearly shows whether this party is ready to adopt the project of a united left.

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