Kuwait Opposition Group Vows Election Boycott

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A Kuwaiti opposition group has promised to boycott the December parliamentary elections over changes to electoral laws. Al-Khaleej reports that some in the government fear that a coup could be launched while the emir is away from the country.

Intensive efforts are being made in Kuwait to contain the repercussions of the coming conflict.

While the opposition is preparing for the “Dignity of a Nation 2" march on Sunday [Nov. 4], “opposition hawk” former MP Musallam al-Barrak denied that there is a plot to overthrow the regime. He asked if it were possible for there to be an attempt to overthrow the regime while the emir is preparing to leave the country for a private vacation, and said that he would hand himself over to the authorities if an arrest warrant were issued against him.

Meanwhile, the government is working on completing the necessary procedures for the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in December.

The youth forces and groups that are opposed to the elections are currently studying ways to develop a media campaign to persuade both candidates and voters to boycott the elections. The campaign includes setting up gatherings in front of polling stations to persuade voters against voting.

Former MP Khalid al-Sultan described the next parliament as a "failed parliament" rather than a National Assembly. He said, "I believe it would be shameful to call the next parliament a ‘National Assembly;’ find another name for it."

Former MP Mohammad al-Kandari said, "How do some people claim to be patriotic, when at critical times they put their personal interests and illegitimate ambitions above the interests of the nation and its people?"

Kandari said that the delay by some politicians in announcing their boycott of the elections will not fool voters, and those will be held accountable for this betrayal of the people and their will. He noted that after the majority of the people boycott the elections, a nominal assembly will be produced and it will be one that does not represent the people. This will pave the way for a crisis and further complicate matters.

The executive office of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) issued a press release stating that the recommendation to boycott the elections has been changed into a decision, and that the extraordinary assembly assigned to discuss the recommendation has been annulled.

In the press release, the NDA said that its decision to boycott the elections is a political position and a peaceful protest against the [government’s] amendment of the voting mechanism, and the fact that the amendment decision was made independently from the people’s will represented in the National Assembly.

Former MP Barrak said that he knows of brokers who are urging people to run for the elections. He noted that some are promoting the idea that what is happening in Kuwait is a coup against the regime led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and are being aided by the corrupt media and some figures known for their cheap methods.

“We, like many others and even the whole world, wonder: Could there be a 1% possibility that there is an attempt to overthrow the regime while the emir is preparing to leave the country on a private vacation outside Kuwait?”

Pro-government forces had mobilized themselves, asking why the law was not applied to those who insulted the emir (Musallam al-Barrak). They argued that it is a dangerous sign, and said they held the interior minister responsible for not arresting Barrak.

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