Morsi Calls for 'Legal' Action In US Against Filmmakers

Egypt's President Morsi instructed consular staff in Washington to take “all possible legal procedures” in the US against the makers of an anti-Islamic video that has sparked outrage in the Mideast, Al-Masry Al-Youm reports. The president’s office also reiterated its commitment to secure the US embassy in Cairo.       

al-monitor Protesters run during clashes with riot police along a road which leads to the U.S. embassy, near Tahrir Square in Cairo Sept. 13, 2012. Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi said on Thursday he supported peaceful protest but not attacks on embassies or foreigners. Photo by REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh.

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Sep 13, 2012

Editor’s Note: Since the publication of this article, the Muslim Brotherhood has clarified that it did not call for a million-man march, but encouraged “symbolic protests outside mosques to express condemnation peacefully.”

Egypt’s presidency instructed its embassy in Washington to take all legal measures against the makers of the film that degrades the Prophet, condemning the attempt of “a sinful type of person” to insult the Messenger of God.

Yesterday [Sept. 12], the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party called for a million-man demonstration on Friday in Tahrir Square and all major mosques in Egypt’s governorates to denounce and protest the degrading film. 

Egypt’s presidential spokesman, Yasser Ali, said: “President Mohammad Morsi instructed the Embassy of Egypt in the United States to take all possible legal procedures against those who are trying to damage relations and dialogue among countries and people.” In a press conference held at the Al-Itihadiya presidential palace yesterday [Sept. 12], Ali added: “Egypt is responsible for protecting private and public property, diplomatic missions and embassies of all states.”

In a meeting yesterday [Sept. 12], Egypt’s government demanded that the US administration take a firm position against the filmmakers, in accordance with international documents that criminalize acts that foment strife on the basis of race, color or religion. In a statement, the Council of Ministers said that the Cabinet will take the necessary legal actions in this regard.

Attorney general Dr. Abdel Majid Mahmoud placed the names of Pastor Terry Jones, Pastor Mark Aziz — known as Abu Uta — Ismat Zaklamh, Maurice Sadek, Nabil Bsada, Ehab Yaacoub, Jack Atallah, Nahed Metwally, Elijah Bassily and Adel Riad on the watch list. He also charged the general prosecutor at the State Security Court with the task of investigating complaints of defamation of Islam.  

Meanwhile, members of the Shura Council have demanded that Egypt’s Foreign Ministry summon the US ambassador to Cairo to question her over the demeaning film. They also criticized the Foreign Ministry and Al-Azhar for their positions regarding the insult to the Prophet.

As for the storming of the US embassy buildings in Cairo by thousands angered by the film, Qasr al-Nil General Prosecution, headed by Mohamed Abdel Shafi, started an investigation, with four suspects arrested during the events by security forces. The General Prosecution accused the individuals of storming the compound, damaging its surveillance cameras and massing with others in order to attack a vital facility.

The suspects admitted having participated in a peaceful demonstration to defend Islam after a film insulting the prophet was played in the US.

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