Jewish Delegation Receives Moroccan Royal Welcome

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Mohammed VI of Morocco invited a Jewish Moroccan delegation from Israel to celebrate the anniversary of his ascension to power, writes Noam Nir. The head of the delegation relayed a greeting letter from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A delegation from Israel visited Morocco last from July 29 to August 3 and met with high-echelon politicians. The delegation was headed by Sam Ben-Sheetrit, Chairman of World Federation of Moroccan Jews. The entire mission took part in events celebrating the 13thanniversary of the ascension of King Mohammed VI to the royal throne.

Ben-Sheetrit and his friends were invited by the King after an exchange of messages was mediated by Moroccan Foreign Minister TaiebFassiFihri. They met with several other ministers, including the Minister of the Moroccan Diaspora. The Moroccan officials emphasized the warm relations that exist between the Jews and the rest of the population, and noted that Jews born in Morocco living throughout the world are still native Moroccans. The foreign minister even clarified to Ben-Sheetrit before his arrival that if Israel would have had a Moroccan embassy, then native Moroccans living in Israel would have been allowed to participate in the July 2011 referendum on the new constitution.

Upon his arrival, Ben-Sheetrit ceremoniously handed the King a formal greeting letter from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ben-Sheetrit asked the regime’s rulers to continue to preserve and maintain the Jewish sites in the country and the assets owned by the Jewish community.

Meanwhile, about two weeks ago Israeli left-wing [peace] activist Ofer Bronstein participated in the yearly conference of the Islamic party, Morocco’s largest party and one that opposes normalizing relations with Israel.

Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal also attended the conference. Meshaal and Bronstein were seen chatting privately and smiling for a brief period, but once Bronstein‘s Israeli identity became known, several members of the [Islamic] party became enraged and the chairman of the conference’s organizing committee resigned from his position.

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