Yemeni Revolutionaries Demand Swift Removal of Saleh Remnants

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The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution called on Yemeni President Hadi to remove the remnants of the old regime from state institutions in one week. They hope that relatives of the former president, such as Generals Ahmed Ali Saleh and Yahya Saleh, are among the first to be dismissed.

The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution in Yemen called on President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to urgently and totally remove the remnants of the former ruling family from their posts in all military, security and civil state institutions. The Committee expects General Ahmed Ali Saleh, commander of the Presidential Guard, and General Yahya Saleh, commander of Chief of Security Central Forces, to be among the first dismissed family members. They have given President Hadi a one week deadline to enact their demands.

The Committee confirmed in a statement that the president, who gained the people’s confidence, is required to adopt their requests and fulfill their aspirations. The people want to make change happen, free all state institutions from the ruling family’s control and standardize security and military decisions. These aspirations guarantee that the old regime will not return and that all aspects and symbols of despotism are removed. The Committee added that any delay or procrastination in taking strict decisions to remove the old regime’s remnants would show the president’s negligence of his commitments and would be a waste of the martyrs’ blood. The martyrs and wounded sacrificed their pure lives to bring the old regime down and build the desired modern and civil state.

The Committee continued to say that the president and the transitional government are committed to fulfilling the revolution’s demands and finding a solution to the issue of the martyrs, wounded and prisoners. Within this framework, the Committee called on the revolutionary forces to not sidestep the revolution’s demands, nor to respond to any invitation for dialogue unless the president forms a technical committee in preparation for the national dialogue conference that is scheduled in November.

The Committee called on the youth to take the squares and show unity and resilience against any attempt to sidestep the revolution’s demands. The Committee asked them to take the revolutionary work to a higher level in order to make sure that the counter-revolution is on the losing side. This counter-revolution annihilated the past, is consuming the present and is striving to swallow up the future and turn the clock back in order to produce new forms of despotism.

The Committee warned the Coalition of Revolutionary Youth, political parties, organizations and national forces against any political compromise that would forfeit the revolution’s objectives and demands. The Committee also warned the countries that sponsored the [Gulf peace] initiative against any attempt to impose a trusteeship or dominate the Yemeni revolution. According to the committee, attempts to do such a thing will cause the situation to further escalate.

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